11 Benefits of Eating the Jujube

Pile of Jujube Fruit

Jujubes (also referred to as Chinese Dates) have a bright, reddish color and offer plenty of health benefits. It is a powerhouse fruit containing a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Plus, jujube is a reliable source of antioxidants. Below are 11 of the amazing benefits associated with the jujube: 1 – Antioxidants The fabulous […]

Why Drinking Almond Milk Benefits the Health

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a common favorite to use as an alternative to cow’s milk. A reliable quality of almond milk is the ability to provide a long shelf life. Here are some of the positives and negatives associated with almond milk: 1 – Antioxidants Almond milk is a reliable option to get a higher intake […]

The Peach: 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Peaches


The health benefits associated with this delicious fuzzy fruit are wide-ranging and help to heal the heart, aid in weight loss, and protect against certain cancers. Organic grown peaches are preferred as they are pesticide-free. Most peaches grown with the assistance of herbicides and pesticides will lose a lot of their health benefits. Here are […]

5 Health Benefits of Butternut Squash


Butternut is nutty, sweet tasting and quite like a sweet potato, while having the appearance of an elongated bell. The skin of the butternut is easy to peel and thin (different to some other winter squash), although it can still be roasted with the skin in place. Butternut squash is loaded the nutritional benefits including […]

10 Super Healthy Reasons to Eat More Strawberries


Strawberries are among the healthiest fruits and loaded with antioxidants to protect the heart and lower blood pressure. Also, they include plenty of beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as being fat, cholesterol, and sodium free. A 1 cup serving of strawberries includes about 52 calories — which is nearly ½ of the calorie count […]

What are the Health Benefits of Eating Goji Berries?

Goji Berries

Goji berries are jam-packed with health benefits and originally sourced from the Lycium barbarum plant, which originated in China. Berries offer a variety of beneficial qualities including the antioxidant content and the ability to help improve eye health. Positive effect on well-being A regular drink of juice sourced from Goji berries is believed to help […]

7 Tips for Summer Smoothies


Summer smoothies are invigorating and soothing, while being healthy and low in fat. A great benefit of the freshly prepared smoothie is the plentiful source of nutrients, and this is certain to give the pick-me-up to start the day. A well-chosen refreshing snack like the smoothie has the ability to provide a regular supply of […]

Fat Loss with Fruit-Based Smoothies


A smoothie diet is likely to be an ideal option for those that want to continue enjoying delicious food and lose weight at the same time.   Fruit and vegetable smoothies offer a refreshing and nutritious substitute to those that cannot live without some sort of dessert. A well prepared natural smoothie contains raw food, […]

Top 10 Immune Boosters for your Smoothie


Smoothies are an especially fun way to include the needed nutrients in your daily diet. These days, people are more health conscious and smoothie kiosks aren’t hard to find. They offer many different healthy blends and flavors, but can be rather expensive. It’s easy to make your own at home and it costs almost nothing […]