Pumpkin: 7 Reasons Why It’s Good for You

Pumpkins are packed with nutrient and vitamin rich seeds and flesh that can benefit the skin, promote weight loss, and improve general well-being.

3 Whole Pumpkins

Here are seven of the most notable benefits of eating more pumpkin:

1 – Blood Pressure

Pumpkin seed is packed with phytoestrogens to help with issues related to high blood pressure. The oil sourced from pumpkin seed can help to lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure within a 3 month period.

2 – Boost eye health

Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A which is helpful for promoting good vision in low-light condition. A 1 cup serving of pumpkin (cubed) has about twice the required DV of this essential nutrient. Plus, it can help to slow degenerative eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa, which can result in loss of vision.

3 – Fill the stomach

Fiber filling foods like pumpkin are certain to mean less is eaten overall and the appetite will be kept at bay. A 1 cup serving of mashed pumpkin has about 3.2 grams of fiber and 50 calories, while a 1 ounce serving of pumpkin seeds has nearly 1.6 grams of dietary fiber.

4 – Heart

The high fiber content of pumpkin is certain to help with protecting the heart. A diet high in fiber is believed to cut the risk of coronary heart disease by nearly 35-40% compared to those that didn’t get a regular intake of fiber. Other great sources of fiber include cereals, breads, fruits and vegetables.

5 – Immunity

Eating pumpkin is a perfect way to improve the immune system and ward off illness. This fruit is rich in vitamin A which is beneficial for fighting off infections and viruses. Plus, the oil sourced from pumpkin can help to fight fungal infections. This bright orange fruit is also loaded with vitamin C (nearly 20% of the DV) which is needed to speed up the process of recovering from common colds.

6 – Skin complexion

Pumpkin can offer a double benefit of not only offering a more youthful look from eating the fruit in our diet, but can also be used as a face mask to soothe and exfoliate.

7 – Sleep

The actual pumpkin seeds contain a high concentration of tryptophan, which is helpful in contributing to a more peaceful sleep. Plus, this amino acid has the ability to promote the growth of serotonin, which makes the body feel more relaxed. So, eating pumpkin often is certain to help with improving the mood and getting better sleep.

Add the pumpkin to the diet

Pumpkin is easily added to the diet in a variety of healthy ways. Pumpkin seeds are great to add to a fresh salad or sliced chunks of this fruit are perfect for a roasted vegetable selection. A pumpkin puree is a more creative option for those looking for an alternative to nut butters or similar spread.

An appetizing smoothie in the morning is certain to offer a great intake of nutrients. A simple recipe includes blending pumpkin pie spice, pureed pumpkin, chia seeds, coconut milk, and a preferred protein powder.

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