6 Benefits of the Ultimate Superfood Guava

Guava is a Caribbean fruit that is light yellow in appearance and emits a pungent, sweet, and strong fragrance.


The entire fruit is edible, including the seeds and has a taste similar to strawberries. Add more guava to the diet to benefit in such health related matters as weight loss, high blood pressure, skin care, cough, constipation, and diarrhea.

Here are the wide-ranging benefits associated with this tropical fruit:

1 – Blood Pressure

This tropical fruit has the ability to lower cholesterol in the bloodstream and stops it from becoming thick again. This has the potential to improve the blood fluidity and lower blood pressure. Guava is naturally rich in hypoglycemic and fiber to help reduce issues with high blood pressure.

2 – Cold

Drinking the fresh juice sourced from immature or raw guavas can help to relieve the symptoms associated with a cold and cough, which include disinfecting the respiratory tract, reducing mucus, and inhibiting microbial activity. This fruit is rich in iron and vitamin C which are effective at helping to control viral and cold infections. Plus, a ripe, roasted guava is a common treatment in certain areas of India for cold and cough congestion.

3 – Constipation

Guava is a highly rich source of dietary fiber. Eat the seeds (chewed or whole) to benefit from a natural laxative. This is able to help with cleaning the excretory system and intestines quite effectively. Maintaining proper digestion benefits the health and avoids the wide-ranging ailments that come with constipation.

4 – Diarrhea

Guava fruit is high in compounds like astringents that help to tighten up loose bowels and minimize issues with diarrhea. Astringents have natural anti-bacterial and disinfectant properties which are most effective at purging mucus from the intestines and slowing microbial growth. Plus, this tropical fruit has potassium, carotenoids, and vitamin C to help promote the healthful digestive system. Other benefits include the ability to sooth gastroenteritis.

5 – Skin Care

The guavas fruit is highly rated at helping to avoid skin texture problems and is just as useful as certain skin toners and creams. This is mostly related to the astringents contained in the leaves and fruit. The appearance of the skin can be improved by adding this fruit to the weekly diet or applying topically to the skin. Any loose skin can be toned up and tightened. Plus, guava is rich in potassium, vitamin A, B vitamins, and vitamin C to make a useful detoxifier to enhance the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkles.

6 – Weight Loss

Eating guava is certain to benefit those wishing to lose weight and still want to get a regular intake of fiber, proteins, and vitamins. This tropical fruit is rich in vitamins and roughage and low in carbohydrates and cholesterol to offer a satisfying and filling food. A lunchtime guava (medium size) should help to keep you feeling full late into the evening. A reason for this is the high concentration of nutrients that help to keep the metabolism high which is needed to absorb the nutrients in the most efficient way.

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