10 Top Ingredients to Include in a Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies offer a nutrient-packed drink to give the desired energy and performance to keep the going through the day.

Bunch of Bananas

A delicious smoothie is easily achieved with the right ingredients and helps to fight off illness, improve recovery, and perhaps avoid cavities.

Here are ten of the top-rated ingredients to include in a healthy smoothie:

1 – Apricots

Adding apricots to a smoothie is certain to help up the intake of potassium which is essential for the body in several different ways. A well-balanced diet including potassium can help to lower the blood pressure by controlling the negative impact of sodium. Plus, this nutrient can help to lower bone loss and minimize the risk of kidney stones. A reliable intake of potassium is about 4700mg daily (each 100 calories of the apricot have nearly 538 mg).

2 – Bananas

A popular smoothie ingredient is the banana for the reason it is full of potassium, cost-effective, and quite delicious.

3 – Beets

Beets contain a rich concentration of nitrate content which is believed to help with athletic performance – although this element could have a negative impact on the general well-being. But, eating the nitrates as part of a whole food is said to be effective and safe. Eating beets before start on a run has the ability to offer better performance and an ability to fun faster.

4 – Blueberries

Blueberries are loaded with nutrition and include a reliable source of ellagic acid, quercetin, fiber, and vitamins. A health benefit of this chemical compound is the ability to protect against serious health complaints such as heart disease and certain cancers. Plus, the inclusion of quercetin can help with anti-inflammatory issues.

5 – Cranberry juice

A smoothie with cranberry juice has a high amount of flavonoids to benefit the health include proanthocyanidins. A benefit of drinking cranberry juice is the ability to protect against urinary tract health issues and harmful bacteria.

6 – Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruit (grapefruit, lime, lemon, orange, etc.) offers a reliable source of vitamin C. A proper dietary intake of vitamin C is critical for collagen and muscle repair, which is useful for helping to fight-off issues with colds, injuries, or wound healing. Plus; these fruits are rich in folate, which can have the beneficial impact of helping the body promote more fiber and cells.

7 – Essential fatty acids (liquid)

Great oils to increase the intake of essential fatty acids include walnut, flaxseed, salmon, or cod liver oil. A proper dietary use of healthy oil can provide a variety of benefits include promoting a healthier complexion.

8 – Nuts and Seeds

Increase the intake of protein and healthy fats in a smoothie by including a variable mixture of raw seeds and nuts. Preferred choices include organic pumpkin seeds, cashews, or almonds.

9 – Protein Powder

A high-quality protein powder is available as soy, pea, hemp, whey, etc. and a choice of flavors. A preferred protein type is often whey for the wide-ranging benefits it can provide.

10 – Yogurt

A plain and natural yogurt is perfect to include in a smoothie and provides the benefit of live probiotic cultures. Also, make sure to avoid the flavored or yogurts that contain high-fructose corn syrup because they aren’t quite so healthy.

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