10 Reasons Why Bananas Are Good For You

Bananas offer a nutritious and portable snack that is perfect in its whole form, added to bread or muffin recipes, or mashed or sliced into fruit salad.

Bunch of Bananas

Plus, use frozen bananas as a great alternative to using ice cream or yogurt in a smoothie. A standard serving size is usually one banana at 6 inches in length (or medium-size).

Below are ten of the healthful reasons to eat more bananas:

1 – Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a great source to get the desired energy. Eat a banana to refuel during or after an exercise program. Eating bananas in the morning are able to offer a great start to the day and give enough energy to keep going until lunchtime arrives.

2 – Calories

Eating banana at regular intervals makes it possible to enjoy the sweet taste without having a negative impact on the daily diet. A medium-size banana has a calorie count in the region of 112 calories.

3 – Cholesterol and fat

Eat a banana to enjoy a anytime snack that is naturally free of cholesterol and fat. A healthy treat is achievable by replacing oil or butter with mashed bananas, such as when baking cookies.

4 – Easy to digest

Banana offers great digestibility. Eat this fruit to get healthful nutrients into the body without being concerned with upsetting a delicate stomach. Plus, mashed bananas can provide an early solid food for babies.

5 – Fiber

Adding more dietary fiber to the day-to-day intake is certain to help keep the stomach feeling full for longer while also making sure the digestive system is feeling that much better. A single banana has about 3g of fiber content.

6 – Manganese

Eating bananas regularly can help to provide a reliable source of manganese. A serving of one banana has nearly .3mg of manganese (recommended daily intake is 1.8-2.3mg). You need this essential nutrient to help promote a regular metabolism and healthy bones.

7 – Potassium

A steady and reliable source of potassium comes from the banana, which includes about 400mg per single serving. High potassium food can help promote good muscle and nerve function as well as helping to balance the body fluids. Plus, eating a banana after exercising is beneficial for its ability to prevent cramp or similar issues.

8 – Vitamin B-6

Even though B vitamins are often sourced from animal-based products, the banana is a quite surprising choice to get more pyridoxine (or vitamin B-6) into the system. A single banana can provide nearly 32% of the daily need of this nutrient. Vitamin B-6 is appreciated for its ability to grow strong and healthy cells.

9 – Vitamin C

Similar to a lot of fruits in the market, the banana has a high concentration of vitamin C. A single serving of one medium-size banana has about 12mg of this essential nutrient, which equals 15% of the recommended daily value. Vitamin C is appreciated for its ability to help promote the absorption of iron and improve cell health and immune system.

10 – Other essential nutrients

Bananas also offer minute quantities of other essential nutrients. Eating bananas help to add choline, carotene, folate, vitamin A and vitamin E to the daily diet. Plus, this popular fruit can provide a trace amount of several amino acids.

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