4 Pick-Me-Up Smoothies to Boost the Energy

A mouth-watering pick-me-up for the summertime is certain to include fruit smoothies laded with water, yogurt, milk, or juice to create a highly nutritional and refreshing drink.


Smoothies consisting of sweet and fresh raspberries, mangoes, pineapples, peaches and pears, melons, cherries, and blueberries are certain to be delightful. A smoothie combined with energy sustaining ingredients is able to provide the necessary energy boost for getting through the day.

Below are some of the best smoothies:


A tropical inspired flavor is certainly to be achievable with the right combination of pineapple, guava, banana, and mango blended with a liquidizing agent like watermelon juice or coconut water. Other tastes of the tropics includes jujube, sweet lychee, and purple Mangosteen. A higher level of creaminess for the smoothie is reached by adding yogurt, milk, or similar dairy products.


A healthy and balanced smoothie can create an ideal meal replacement if able to include the required protein count to reach the daily recommended intake, while also offering a significant level of sustained energy. In addition, a healthy drink low in fat and protein-filled is certain to help those that are on a weight loss program. A smoothie is kept low in carbohydrates by including vegetables and fruits low in sugar content, rather than using the fruits with higher sugar content.

An efficient solution for including protein in a smoothie is by including plain or soy milk. Alternatively, protein powders like soy, casein, and whey are certain to help with providing a refreshing and protein-packed drink.


Any well-prepared smoothie is certain to offer energy at some degree, but certain fruits and vegetables are able to maximize on the overall health benefit and impact. Energy boosting fruits like goji (red berry) is certain to go well with peaches, mango, and kiwi in creating the energy boosting results. A smoothie containing oatmeal (finely blended) is certain to help with providing complex carbohydrates for a delightful boost to a drink. A further benefit of including an ingredient like oatmeal is that it is classed as high octane food which should mean the energy level throughout the day is kept that much more stable.


A smoothie with a healthy nutritional profile is likely to include those that include a varied selection of dark leafy greens. Combining the right vegetables into a smoothly is certain to mean that you’re able to reap the wide-ranging benefits. Cabbage greens, cauliflower greens, broccoli greens, and kale combined with one of the following: flaxseed, juices, or carrots, is certain to create a highly refreshing and cool drink.

Smoothies offer a simple solution to add essential nutrients to the daily diet and nourish the body. By blending the smoothies at home, you are more aware of the fresh and healthy ingredients used in the drink. Easy to create, you only need a high-performance blender, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a based material like yogurt, milk or water. A regular smoothie is not only helpful to prevent fresh fruit or vegetable going to waste, but also ensure you stay on the right path to staying healthy.

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