Why Use Fruit Smoothies as a Meal Supplement

A fruit smoothie is easily created with popular ingredients like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and milk.

Peanut Butter

A nutrient dense smoothie with the proper combination of vitamins and minerals can offer a perfect meal supplement. Plus, a low-calorie fruit smoothie can offer a practical choice for those searching a healthy meal replacement option.

Here are four of the benefits of using fruit smoothies as meal supplements:

1 – Balanced ingredients

A well-balanced meal should include a combination of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. The amount of each of these components included in the smoothie can vary with the planned activity or time of day. A great source of protein is actual protein powder, peanut butter, or Greek yogurt. Healthy fats are sourced form avocado or flaxseed. Plus, make sure to include a varied mixture of fruits and vegetables. Carbs are usually easy to include because they feature in a wide range of food types.

2 – Nutritional benefit

Smoothies have much more nutritional value compared to other drinks like high-sugar beverages, coffee, and diet soda. A well-prepared smoothie that contains high-protein sources (flaxseed, protein powder, etc.), fresh fruit, and low-fat dairy products, makes it possible to get a reliable intake of nutrients such as calcium, which might not form part of a typical meal.

3 – Weight gain

Eating a regular fruit smoothie as a meal replacement is certain to benefit those attempting to put on extra weight. Being at a weight that is less than ideal can have a negative impact on the well-being. Concerns with being underweight include the inability to absorb beneficial nutrients and immune system. Also, experiencing episodes of unwanted weight loss can relate to serious health issues, including cancer. A nutrient dense smoothie with dry milk powder, ice cream, or whole milk is certain to help with add the extra calories to the diet.

4 – Weight Loss

In certain situations it can be possible to use the fruit smoothie as a meal replacement. A smoothie prepared with low-calorie ingredients can help those wishing to achieve a specific daily diet calorie count. A simple smoothie to make includes a ¾ cup of soy or almond milk (skim), 3-5 ice cubes, 1 tbsp of protein powder, and 2 handfuls of fresh or frozen fruit (berries are a good choice). A 1 glass serving can pack in a load of nutrients and only contain about 325 calories.

Smoothie drinking tips

A preferred time to drink a smoothie to gain weight is about 25-35 minutes either side of a main meal. This should ensure you aren’t too full to eat the lunch or dinner. Certain foods or ingredients shouldn’t be included in a smoothie. A common food to avoid is raw eggs, which are the potential to cause food poisoning. While eggs can provide a reliable protein source, they aren’t a practical choice to add directly to a smoothie. A great option to add more flavors to the smoothie is to include ingredients like black walnut, coconut, and lemon. Flavor extracts are certain to help with making a bland smoothie that much more palatable.

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