Enzymes: 9 High-Enzyme Foods & Functions

Papayas Sliced

Enzymes are proteins in the body that can alter the way chemical reactions are handled. Digestive enzymes (breakdown and digests food) are a common type, although there are several different types of enzymes in the body. An enzyme-rich diet can help with increasing stamina and energy, improve skin health, support weight loss, and promote general […]

What Are the Seven Healthful Reasons To Add Yogurt To The Diet?

Healthy Yogurt

Yogurt can provide a variety of nutrition benefits, whether eaten as a lunchtime snack or part of a main-meal. Also, yogurt is so versatile that it can be easily combined with chopped nuts or fruit, added in a smoothie or protein shake, used for dressing a salad, or with fish or poultry. The most nutritional […]