9 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Watermelon

Watermelon is rated as one of the best body-healing and powerful fruits to promote brain function and soothe muscles.

Watermelon Sliced

Eating the juicy, succulent watermelon is easiest throughout the summertime when this fruit is in season and easier to benefit from the wide-ranging vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Watermelon is 90-92% water, so highly hydrating and naturally low-fat. Eating this refreshing fruit on a regular basis is certain to help with promoting better immune and cardiovascular health.

Soothes sore muscle

A drink of watermelon juice consumed before a high-intensity exercise has the potential to reduce the heart rate and minimize soreness noticed in the muscles. A reason for this is the L-citrulline content. This amino acid is converted to L-arginine in the body and used to support circulation and relax blood vessels.

Heart health

A postmenopausal woman can benefit from better well-being after taking watermelon supplements over a period of 6-8 weeks. Plus, this extract is able to help with improving cardiovascular health and cuts high blood pressure in those that are overweight.

A natural sexual stimulant

Better circulation through the body is certain to help more than the heart muscles. But, to get the natural Viagra effect it will be necessary to eat quite a lot of watermelon. This isn’t such a good practice as it can result in certain side effects as this fruit can function as a natural diuretic.

Rich source of vitamins and minerals

Watermelon is highly nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals. Plus, because it is about 90% water, it is very low in calories. A 10 ounce serving of sliced melon has nearly 1/3 of the daily requirement of vitamin A and C. Also, watermelon does hold about 9% of potassium.

Fight-off cancer

Eating watermelon can provide a perfect dietary intake of lycopene. This type of antioxidant, helps the body by fighting off certain cancers, such as the prostate.

Natural diuretic

This nutrient dense fruit is also a great type of natural diuretic, which is appreciated for its ability to help the movement of urine. Watermelon is much kinder to the body as it doe doesn’t put too much strain on the kidney like caffeine and alcohol. A further benefit to the kidneys is the ability to process ammonia via the liver which relates to waste protein.

Nerve and muscle support

Watermelon is able to function as a natural electrolyte because of the rich concentration of potassium. This is needed to regulate the function of the muscles and nerves in the body. Potassium helps the body in a variety of situations, including the frequency and degree the muscles contract.

Alkaline-forming effect

A fully ripe watermelon can result in an alkaline-forming effect. A well-planned diet with several alkaline-forming fruits and vegetables (ripe and fresh) can result in a low risk of developing certain illnesses and diseases that are caused by a diet high in acid (dairy, eggs, meats, etc.).

Eye health improvement

Get a good beta-carotene source by eating a regular slice of watermelon. The beta carotene (rich red color of the melon) is transformed into vitamin A in the body. This can help maintain mucus membranes, soft tissue, teeth, and skin.

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