6 Top Tasting Smoothies (with Ingredients)

A mouth-watering smoothie is certain to be enticing when you’re searching for something delicious, fun and healthy.

Apple Sliced

Smoothie recipes are almost endless and you are certain to be able to create some well-liked smoothies which can be enjoyed throughout the year. If attempting to decide on a perfect smoothie it is likely to benefit if you’re able to experiment with multiple recipes in order to arrive at something that matches a preferred taste.

Here are some of the best tasting smoothies:


If you have a taste for healthy refreshment and apples, an apple based smoothie is certain to be a must-have. Combine 1 cup of milk (skim), 8 ounces of yogurt (vanilla), 1 cup of ice cubes, 6 ounces of apple juice concentrate, and a light sprinkle of apple pie spices. Blend the ingredients until liquefied and well mixed.

Orange-Mango Passion

An orange-mango passion smoothie is able to combine passion and citrus fruit to create a highly stimulating and delightful flavor. The ingredients include ½ cup of milk (low-fat), ½ cup of orange juice, 1 cup of frozen berries (unsweetened), 1 cup of frozen strawberries, 1 cup of frozen mango (sliced), 1 sliced banana, and 1 orange (white pith removed). Combine in a blender until liquefied and smooth.

Strawberry Pink

A strawberry pink smoothie is perfect for the glorious summer days. This pink colored smoothie is created by combining 10 oz of sliced strawberries with 1 cup of ice (crushed), 8 oz of yoghurt (vanilla), and 1 cup of milk. Use a smoothie maker for 45 to 60 seconds to liquefy the ingredients until smooth.

Hawaiian Delight

A Hawaiian delight smoothie is a very impressive drink, but needs a little more preparation in relation to other smoothies. Blend 1 cup of strawberry yoghurt, ½ cup of mango slices (frozen), ½ cup of strawberries (frozen), ½ cup of banana (sliced and frozen), 4 tbsp of milk (low-fat), 1 cup of orange sherbet, 1 cup of guava nectar, and 1 cup of passion fruit nectar in a smoothie maker until smooth and liquefied.

Peachy Oat

A little prep work is required for the peachy oat smoothie. Let the oaks and chia seeds soak in liquid overnight before using as part of the ingredients for the smoothie. The ingredients consist of a pinch of salt, 1 tbsp chia seeds, ½ banana (medium), 1 peach (small), ¼ cup of milk, 1/3 cup of yogurt (plain), and ½ cup rolled oats. Pour the ingredients into a blender until a smooth liquid is achieved.

Apple Pie

A sweet apple pie smoothie is soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and raw. Apple pie spice is easily made using store-bought cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon. Also, add in hemp protein or similar to get an extra intake of protein and essential fatty acids. This on-the-go smoothie is made by blending 3 ice cubes, 1 tbsp of apple pie spice, 1 cup almond milk, 2 pitted dates, 1 scoop high-quality hemp protein powder, ¼ cup of cashews, ½ banana (frozen), and 1 apple.

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