What are the Health Benefits of Eating Goji Berries?

Goji berries are jam-packed with health benefits and originally sourced from the Lycium barbarum plant, which originated in China.

Goji Berries

Berries offer a variety of beneficial qualities including the antioxidant content and the ability to help improve eye health.

Positive effect on well-being

A regular drink of juice sourced from Goji berries is believed to help the all-round well being. Health benefits related to Goji berries include higher levels of happiness, improved sleeping, lower fatigue, and greater levels of energy.

UV radiation

Goji berries have the potential to minimize the damage that results from UV rays. By drinking the juice sourced from this fruit, the response to inflammatory sunburn is that much less significant. This is mostly related to the antioxidants in the Goji berries that help to prevent the buildup of oxidative damage.

Eye health

A daily supplementation of Goji berries has the potential to cut the risk of eye diseases like soft drusen accumulation, which is a first sign of macular damage in the elderly. Plus, a further compound found in this fruit is Taurine, which helps to slow the certain eye diseases associated with diabetes.

Fight-off cancer

The rich antioxidant compounds in Goji berries contain polyphenols which are believed to help fight-off the development of certain cancers. Antioxidants are able to repair, diminish, and fight the destruction of cells from oxidative stress and inflammation because of free radicals. Also, the effectiveness of Goji berries helps when receiving chemotherapy treatment because the antioxidants can help to weaken the tumor cells.

Arthritis is less painful

Many people that suffer from arthritis say that eating these berries can help with controlling the pain associated with this disease. The joint discomfort and inflammation is often relieved by the antioxidants contained in the fruit.

How to eat Goji berries

Goji berries offer a choice of eating options and delicious either soaked in hot water (before consuming) or raw. Other choices include adding this fruit to yogurts, salads, cereal garnish, smoothies, or trail mixes. Goji berries have great versatility and perfect processed, steamed, cooked, or baked. Goji berries are best eaten out-of-hand for simplicity. An on-the-go treat includes mixing the Goji berries with dart chocolate chips and raw nuts. Alternatively, there are several types of drinks based on Goji tea or juice.

Do they have side effects?

Eaten in moderation Goji berries shouldn’t have any negative side effects. But, there is the potential to interact with certain medication. A blood thinner like Warfarin isn’t very compatible with these berries. Also, patients using blood pressure or diabetes drugs should be more cautious.

Can Be Expensive

A natural or health store is likely to sell the Goji berries (500 gram bag) for about $15-$20. Although price can vary with the type of berries, such as naturally sourced, organic, or part of a trail mix. Shop around to get the best prices. A local Asian store is a practical choice to get the best prices.

In summary

All types of berries hold beneficial properties. And it isn’t entirely clear whether Goji berries are any better for the health and well-being than any other type.

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