9 Health Benefits of Whole or Juiced Cucumbers


Cucumber is a superfood that benefits the body’s general well-being and the 4th most harvested vegetable globally. Here are nine of the powerful reasons why you should eat more cucumbers: 1 – Bad breath Cucumber can provide a reliable cure for bad breath. Place a freshly sliced piece of cucumber on the top of the […]

5 Tips to Help Open a Smoothie or Juice Bar

Smoothie Glass & Fruits

Smoothie bars and kiosks are perfect for the health-conscious person that wants a healthy and refreshing vegetarian, organic or natural drink on-the-go. Smoothie bars are now mainstream and provide a simple solution to get a tasty beet-carrot juice or berry-orange smoothie as a post-workout top up or midday snack. Below are five steps to opening […]

Everything You Need to Know About Making Mouth-Watering Smoothies

Pineapple Slices

A delicious fruit or vegetable-based smoothie is certain to offer a perfect refreshment drink, recovery shake (after intense exercise), or meal replacement. Smoothie cafes and store-bought smoothie bars have given a significant boost to the industry, and offer an almost endless selection of flavors. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching the thick or heavy or […]

7 Tips for Summer Smoothies


Summer smoothies are invigorating and soothing, while being healthy and low in fat. A great benefit of the freshly prepared smoothie is the plentiful source of nutrients, and this is certain to give the pick-me-up to start the day. A well-chosen refreshing snack like the smoothie has the ability to provide a regular supply of […]