Enzymes: 9 High-Enzyme Foods & Functions

Papayas Sliced

Enzymes are proteins in the body that can alter the way chemical reactions are handled. Digestive enzymes (breakdown and digests food) are a common type, although there are several different types of enzymes in the body. An enzyme-rich diet can help with increasing stamina and energy, improve skin health, support weight loss, and promote general […]

5 Healthful Foods Notoriously High With Fiber

Pinon Nuts

Dietary fiber is not only reliable to help keep you regular but can also benefit in areas like reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Plus, it leaves you feeling full which means it is a practical benefit for weight management. Add 25-30 grams of dietary fiber to the daily diet plan. […]

7 Healing Foods to Soothe a Sore Throat

Ice Cream

A sore throat is a common condition and often relates to a viral or bacterial infection. Other reasons to get a sore throat include chemotherapy treatment or overusing the voice. Here are seven foods that can help to relieve the irritation and pain related to this common condition: 1 – Cayenne Pepper Cayenne peppers are […]

Are Cashews Good for You

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Cashews offer plenty of healthful benefits including improving heart health and lowering cholesterol levels because of the unsaturated fat content. They are high in vitamins like niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, etc. Here are nine of the positive reasons to eat more cashews: 1 – Anticancer properties Cashew nuts are rich in antioxidants (like proanthocyanidins) […]

7 Zinc Rich Foods to Benefit a Healthy Lifestyle

Eggs for Zinc

A diet rich in zinc helps to promote all-round health. Zinc foods can help in areas like skin, hair, smell, taste, and eyesight. This mineral is also believed to help with lessening PMS symptoms and the production of testosterone. Plus, a proper intake of zinc can help to fortify the immune system. Zinc is critical […]