Magic Bullet (NBR-1201R) NutriBullet Blender Review | Rating 4.1 out of 5

I love using my Magic Bullet. I can get literally a full day’s worth of nutritional value from a single serving… And it’s mouth-watering nice.

Magic Bullet Blender

Many of us have looked at the Vitamix series blender – although they can cost in the region of $465-$500. Plus, my Nutribullet is exceptionally easy to clean with its one cup design, which is better than having to clean an entire blender.


  • Full range set with 12 pieces
  • High-performance 600-watt motor
  • Easily blends, chops, grinds, and shreds
  • Simple operation: just twist and push
  • Easy-to-clean with dishwasher safe parts


This blender is awesome. It is built to make delicious smoothies and frozen drinks in a matter of seconds. And don’t worry, it will pulverize virtually anything poured into the jar, including nuts, pitts, ice, and frozen fruit. My Magic Bullet is used to get the family eating healthier with green smoothies as a regular addition to the diet. The blender has a compact footprint which means cleanup is achieved within a matter of seconds. Plus, the serving portions per blend are more than adequate for the family.


The lid on the Magic Bullet has a tendency to leak after completing the blending cycle. While it can be inconvenient, it isn’t really a deal-breaker. I make sure to abide by the instructions related to filling the Bullet, but still seem to get about 1 tablespoon of liquid seepage after use. However, this might merely relate to the way a use or handle Nutribullet.

I have made smoothies with a juicer in the past which resulted in a different consistency and flavor. My Magic Bullet can produce a taste and consistency that is noticeably different. My preferred recipe with a juicer is apples, cucumbers, and greens. My attempt to copy this with the Magic Bullet resulted in something that was completely different. Perhaps I need to change my blending techniques.

In Summary

After using the Nutribullet for about a week and produced a wide range of frozen drinks and smoothies, I would say I have hardly any complaints. It doesn’t appear to leak too badly (provided it isn’t filled above the max fill line), it is powerful, and it works great.

Best Bits

  • High-performance motor that has no difficulty in chopping everything up
  • Has the ability to blend dense vegetables and frozen fruits in virtually no time
  • Easily pulverizes the fruit and vegetables to produce a quite delicious smoothie consistency
  • Easy to clean (just clean under a running tap)

Worst Bits

  • It seems quite LOUD in operation, but because the power unit is powerful it efficiently blends down the ingredients so this doesn’t bother me too much.


The Magic Bullet has a List Price of $119.99 and Best Price $96.99 (subject to change) which is quite attractive for the high-performance offer and multi-piece kit that forms part of this NutriBullet appliance.

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