9 Reasons Why Pecans are Healthy to Eat

Pecans vary in size (minute to mammoth) and provide a buttery, rich flavor that is appreciated in both sweet and savory dishes.

Pile of Pecans

Eat these nuts as a sweetened or salted snack or add to a dessert like ice cream or sundaes. Pecans are a common ingredient in cakes, sweets, and biscuits.

Here are nine health benefits that come with adding more pecans to the daily diet:

1 – Anti-inflammatory

Because of the high concentration of magnesium, the pecan is able to offer a variety of anti-inflammatory benefits. A regular intake of magnesium is perfect to minimize issues related to inflammatory indicators. Plus, the inflammatory properties are helpful for reducing issues with the arterial walls, which should help to avoid Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

2 – Breast Cancer

The oleic acid content in pecans is believed to help with reducing the risk of certain cancers, especially breast cancer. This kind of fatty acid helps to increase the production of proliferation and migration in the cells.

3 – Cardiovascular health

Pecans are heart-friendly because of the high concentration of fiber that can cut the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Plus, these nuts contain monounsaturated fats, which are appreciated for increasing the antioxidants in the system and inhibiting the oxidation of lipids in the bloodstream.

4 – Digestive Health

Pecans are high in fiber, which is helpful for promoting regular bowel action and colon health. A further benefit of this is the ability to avoid constipation issues and lower the risk of hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and colitis.

5 – Fight-off cancer

Pecans are rich in a variety of phytochemical compounds such as zeaxanthin, lutein, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. This means these nuts can protect the body from certain cancers, infections, and diseases. Plus, they are able to help in the role of purging oxygen-free radicals from the body.

6 – Immune system

Pecans are high in the antioxidant manganese, which is responsible for boosting the efficiency of the immune system. Plus, this powerful antioxidant protects from free radical and nerve cell damage.

7 – Stroke

Studies indicate that a daily intake of 10mg of magnesium can help to cut the risk of suffering a stroke by 8-12%. Adding pecans into a well-balanced diet is certain to help reduce the likelihood of suffering a stroke.

8 – Teeth and bones

A plentiful mineral in the system is phosphorus, which is mostly found in the teeth and bones, but also appears at a lower percentage in tissue and cells. Phosphorus offers a variety of benefits including cleansing body waste and promoting the health of the teeth and bones. Plus, this mineral can help with the production of RNA and DNA, while also helping to repair tissue and cells. A further use is the ability to reduce pain in the muscles as a result of exercising.

9 – Weight Loss

A well-balanced diet that includes a variety of nuts such as almonds and pecans can help those attempting to lose weight. Nuts are known to help increase the metabolism and enhance satiety.

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