9 Healthful Foods Rich in Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is an essential antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A once inside the body. It is believed to help fight-off the onset of certain cancers.


Other benefits include boosting the health of the reproductive system, immune system, and preventing cell damage.

Add there nine foods to the diet to notice an instant boost to the immune system:

1 – Beet Greens

Add beet greens to a salad or similar dish to get a great source of vitamins and minerals. A ½ cup serving contains about 22 calories and 263 mg of vitamin A. Also, this ½ cup serving includes 649 mg of potassium and 682 mg of vitamin K. Beet greens similar to turnip greens are easily store-bought or grown in an at-home vegetable patch. Try using this superfood in place of collards for more health benefits.

2 – Carrots

One of the most respected sources of vitamin A is the reliable carrot. Plus, this root vegetable is packed with the cancer protecting phytonutrients known as lycopene. Get a daily source of vitamin A by eating raw or drinking fresh juice. A ¾ cup of fresh carrot juice contains about 68 calories and 1586 mg of this essential nutrient. Alternatively, adding a ½ cup of carrots (cooked) to a meal can provide a reasonable 668 mg and 26 calories.

3 – Collards

A healthy serving of collard greens contain plenty of beta carotene. A ½ cup serving of this leafy green contains about 29 calories and 476 mg of vitamin A.

4 – Kale

Kale (with smooth or crinkly leaves) is a great addition to meal time to help up the intake of beta carotene. A ½ cup serving has about 22 calories and a reliable 463 mg of this essential nutrient.

5 – Pumpkin

A pumpkin pie, soup or similar dessert with this Halloween favorite is certain to offer a great intake of vitamin A. A ½ cup serving of pumpkin (canned) contains about 38 calories and 947mg of this essential nutrient.

6 – Spinach

Even though the spinach doesn’t have the trademark orange or yellow color that is seen with most other sources of beta carotene, it is still a reliable choice. A ½ cup serving of spinach contains about 28 calories and 562 mg of vitamin A.

7 – Sweet Potato

A medium-size sweet potato (skin in place) can offer a great vitamin A source and contains about 102 calories and 1093 mg of this nutrient.

8 – Turnip Green

Whether eating the actual turnip or just the greens, the nutritional benefits are wide-ranging with either part of this root vegetable. A ½ cup serving of turnip greens has about 22 calories and 428 mgs of vitamin A. Plus; it is rich in vitamin K (847mg) as well as calcium, folate, and vitamin C.

Alternatively, add dandelion or mustard greens to the plate to benefit from a similar boost to the system.

9 – Winter Squash

Winter squash is a more palatable option to get a great source of vitamin A compared to beet and turnip greens – but still contains a very similar amount of this essential nutrient (about 328 mg). Winter squash is a perfect choice for nearly all casual eaters and a delightful option to up the intake of beta carotene.

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