9 Awesome Health Benefits of Cabbage

A cabbage is highly nutritious and benefits the well-being in areas like the immune system and healthy skin.


Most of the benefits of cabbage come from the high concentration of vitamin C and sulfur.

Here are nine reasons to add more cabbage to the weekly diet:

1 – Blood sugar and Anti-inflammatory

Cabbage with its red pigment is believed to help lower the level of blood sugar and increase the rate insulin is produced. Plus, it has betalains which are reliable anti-inflammatories that are similar to beetroot.

2 – Bone health

Eating cabbage is said to help promote a strong body and bone health. This vegetable is a reliable source of vitamin C & K. A proper intake of vitamin C is needed to build up a resistance from free radicals and infectious agents. Plus, getting enough vitamin K in a well-planned diet is certain to help promote strong and healthy bones and delaying the onset of osteoporosis.

3 – Brain food

Cabbage is loaded with anthocyanins and vitamin K, which helps with concentration and mental function. A reliable source of these nutrients is certain to help with serious conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The most beneficial kind is red cabbage and has the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals.

4 – Detoxify the body

Cabbage has a high concentration of sulfur and vitamin C which is helpful for purging toxins (uric acid and free radicals) from the body. These toxins are often the reason of ailments like gout, rheumatism, skin disease, and arthritis.

5 – Headaches

Creating a warm compress based on cabbage leaves is a reliable treatment for treating the discomfort noticed with a headache. A compress is achieved by crushing the leaves and placing in a towel or similar. This is then applied to the forehead. Leave in place until the discomfort starts to subside. Plus, freshly juiced cabbage is a great tonic for handling a chronic headache. Drink 1-2 oz daily to get the desired results.

6 – Inhibit cancer tumors

This vegetable is packed with sulforaphane, sinigrin, and lupeol which are believed to help prevent certain cancers. These compounds help to slow the growth of tumors and promote more aggressive enzyme activity. Eating cruciferous vegetables has been shown to help reduce breast cancer when eaten as a regular part of a well-balanced diet.

7 – Lower blood pressure

Eating this vegetable often can stop the blood pressure getting too high. This is possible because of the high concentration of potassium that is needed to relax blood vessels and ease the movement of blood throughout the body.

8 – Skin care

This leafy green vegetable has a high concentration of sulfur, which makes it helpful for controlling acne or oily skin. Sulfur is beneficial for keratin, a chemical compound that helps to promote healthy skin, nails, and hair. A simple home beauty treatment is a cabbage-based face mask.

9 – Weight loss

A 1 cup serving of cabbage (cooked) contains about 33 calories and is high in fiber and low in fat. This is a highly beneficial carb to add to the diet.

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