8 Healthful Fat Burning and Metabolic Boosting Foods

A variety of foods are helpful in burning calories because of the high thermogenic effect, which means it is possible to burn calories as you chew.


Plus, there are other foods that contain compounds and nutrients that help to boost the metabolic rate.

Here are eight foods that can help burn fat:

1 – Beans

Beans are loaded with fiber, protein and low in calories, which helps with losing weight and toning up. A once weekly meal based on beans (burritos) can make a great substation for a meat based meal. This will add more fiber to the diet and cut down on saturated fat.

Best beans to eat include pinto, plain black or similar varieties. Avoid the beans high in saturated fats such as refined beans.

2 – Berries

Eat any of the berries to get a lot of fiber filling benefits in a small package. A 1 cup serving of raspberries has about 6.2 grams of fiber.

3 – Eggs

Our body’s need help to metabolize fat and this is made easier with the vitamin B12 content in Eggs. Eating eggs for the morning breakfast is much more efficient at helping to cut weight compared to those that ate a bagel for breakfast.

4 – Fish and Lean Meats

The body is able to burn a higher amount of calories when in the process of digesting protein compared to fat or carbohydrates. A lean meat is turkey, but to go a step further choose fish to avoid even more saturated fat. A fish loaded with omega-3 fatty acids is best such as salmon or tune.

5 – Nuts

Nuts are appreciated for their ability to keep the stomach full. By satisfying the empty stomach with a handful of nuts, it is possible to feel full for longer into the day. A healthy choice is almonds (20-24 per day) to minimize hunger pains and avoid issues with calorie overload. Also, avoid the ready salted nuts because of the high salt content which is likely to raise the blood pressure.

6 – Oatmeal

Eat a fiber-rich breakfast in the mornings to help keep the stomach full for that much longer, which is certain to help cut back on the midday snacks. A need to snack is often related to a fall in the blood sugar levels. Plus, eat the plain oats and sweeten with berries if necessary, but avoid the sugary flavored brands.

7 – Olive Oil

A proper intake of monounsaturated fat like canola or olive oil is certain to help with controlling hunger. Plus, a little oil is beneficial for satisfying craving and keeping the cholesterol levels under control. It is best to avoid the oils that contain unhealthy trans-fat, such as the hydrogenated vegetable oils.

8 – Protein Powder

Protein powder isn’t limited to just the gym goers. The amino acid content is appreciated for burning fat and building muscle. Add 1-2 tbsp to a preferred breakfast smoothie to help up the dietary intake of protein. Protein supplements are easily sourced online or at health food stores.

Use low-fat milk, yogurt, fruit and vegetables as the based for the protein enriched smoothie.

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