7 Key Advantages You May or May Not Know About Smoothies and Blenders

You’ve probably heard people talking about smoothies and wondered what all the hype was about.

Green Smoothie

You might even be thinking that smoothies are nothing but ice cream and milk, and pose no real health benefits. And, what is it about blenders? What makes them so good to use? Well, if you’ve wondered all this and more, then look no further to learn the advantages of both blenders and smoothies.

Blenders: Are They All They’re Cracked up To Be

1 – Smoothies stay fresher for longer in the refrigerator than juice will

Smoothies have every bit of fiber that the vegetables and fruits came with, even though it’s in a blended form. And, for that reason, you can store the smoothies in the refrigerator for longer periods of time and won’t lose their nutritional value like juice tends to do.

If you want to keep a smoothie in your refrigerator, just place it in a glass jar, filled to the top. This ensures no air gets in and oxidation won’t take place. Seal it and drink within 32 hours. If the water happens to separate, shake the smoothie.

2 – Green smoothies can cleanse the body

Smoothies can do a real positive number on your bowels. And, because smoothies have the fruits and vegetable fiber, your body will get the cleansing effect. In fact, many people will drink a smoothie to stay regular and cleanse their body.

3 – Sugar takes longer to be absorbed because of the fruits and vegetable fiber

Green smoothies allow you to have the fruit you want without getting that sugar rush and crash. The fiber ensures the sugar flow is kept regular as the body digests it and it gets into the bloodstream. Fruit smoothies have a similar effect as the whole fruits you eat, meaning you’ll get an up and down experience but nothing like if you drank fruit juice.

4 – The whole family can enjoy fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are ideal because they have the entire fruit in them. Plus, if you want to make a green smoothie, you can add fruit to it to please the palate of anybody you live with. You can dash in some additional fruit or cacao to give the smoothie an extra twist.

5 – Juice bar and store-bought smoothies are not the best

The majority of juice-bar and store-purchase smoothies are made from frozen fruit with additional sugars and liquors to give it some flavor. They also have dairy that can be highly questionable on both source and quality.

While commercial smoothies are bad, commercial juices are much worse. After all, bottled juices have little nutritional value, are pure sugar and loaded with calories.

6 – Blenders can be effortlessly cleaned

You can easily clean the blender by using tap water. Clean it even better with some soap and water and pushing its clean cycle for several seconds. Due to their easy assembly, people tend to choose blending over juicing.

7 – A blender allows you to make dips, salsas and sauces

Blenders are also good for creating all kinds of things, not just smoothies, such as:

  • Dips
  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Guacamole
  • Salsas

Blended soups are often creamier and thicker than soups made with a juicer.

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