12 Nutritional Benefits of Eating Blackberries

Blackberries are low-calorie, juicy, sweet and packed with healthful nutrients to promote healthy skin and fight heart disease and certain cancers.

Blackberries for health

Eat blackberries to add healthy fiber, fats, phytonutrients, minerals, and nutrition-antioxidants to the dietary intake.

Below are twelve healthful benefits of eating blackberries:


Similar to most berries, the blackberries are high in nutrients and low in calories. A ½ cup serving has 4g of fiber, 9.1g of carbohydrates, and 39 calories. Other beneficial nutrients include potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A (eye health), C (helps the body absorb iron, keeps gums healthy, wound healing) & K (promote bone health).

Certain cancers

Blackberries are antioxidant-rich and help to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells. The cyanidin-3-glucoside content is appreciated for its ability to slow the growth of diseased cells. The antioxidant content also helps to fight-off free radicals. The development of free radicals can lead to damage of the cells DNA. But, eating foods rich in antioxidants can help to reverse the damage related to free radicals.

Plus, blackberries are packed high with ORAC (oxygen radiance absorbing capacity) which can help the body against certain cancers because of the ability to fight-off oxygen free radicals.

Healthy skin

Blackberries hold a high concentration of vitamin C to promote healthy skin. This nutrient helps by protecting the skin from damage that is caused by free radicals.


This healthy fruit has plenty of vitamin C content which helps to improve vision and eye health. Blackberries can give protection against certain eye diseases (cataracts) as well as poor vision.


Bone health relies on a regular source of vitamin K and blackberries are easily able to fill this essential need.


The dietary fiber content of blackberries helps to cut the body’s surge of sugar. This can help the diabetes patients in an effort to control high or low sugar levels. Plus, regularly eating this fruit is believed to help with preventing diabetes.

Cardiovascular Disease

Eating berries can help with cardiovascular disease such as stroke or heart disease. It helps to elevate HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce LDL (bad cholesterol).

Immune System

Berries give a boost to the immune system with the vitamin C content and this helps to fight-off some of the body’s minor infections like colds and sore throat.

Nerves & Tissues

Blackberries are able to provide a reliable source of tannin which is needed to strengthen the nerve fiber and tissues, as well as anything else related to the blood vessels.

Healthy Digestion

The digestion system is certain to benefit from the rich content of dietary fibers which makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients and digestion. A healthy digestive system is able to promote all-round good health.

Weight loss

A well-balanced diet with nutritious fruits is certain to help those on a weight loss program. Blackberries are rich in calcium, iron, antioxidants, and fiber to provide a helping hand for those hoping to lose weight.

Brain Health

Blackberries can offer the further benefit of improving the brain health. An area that is often improved is memory and it becomes easier to retain and store.

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