11 Healthful Reasons Why You Should Be Eating a Pear a Day

Pears are similar in size to an apple and offer immense health benefits. The skin of the pear is paper thin and comes in a choice of colors, from red, brown, green, and yellow.

Sliced Pear

Pears have a buttery and soft texture and a taste that is mild, sweet, and juicy.

Pears are a reliable source of niacin, folate, vitamin A, B-vitamins (B1, B2), vitamin C, and vitamin E. Plus, this fruit is a perfect source of water-soluble fiber, magnesium, iron, chlorine, calcium, sulfur, and sodium. Pears that turns brown when cut often has a higher concentration of iron.

Here are thirteen health benefits of eating pears:

1 – Anticancer


Eating pears give a rich source of copper and vitamin C which are able to minimize the impact of free radicals by acting as anti-oxidants and protecting cells.

2 – Blood pressure

Pears include a high concentration of glutathione (anti-carcinogen and anti-oxidant) which is able to avoid issues with high blood pressure.

3 – Breath shortness

Drinking fresh pear juice is certain to help children or adults that experience issues with excessive phlegm and shortness of breath, which can be caused by summer heat. The properties of this juice are highly effective at clearing the phlegm.

4 – Cholesterol

Pears are blessed with a high concentration of pectin, which is helpful for controlling the level of cholesterol in the system.

5 – Colon

Eating a whole pear (rather than juiced) is highly appreciated for containing a lot of dietary fiber that helps to promote the resilient colon.

6 – Constipation

Pears contain a diuretic known as pectin, which is able to act similar to a mild laxative. Having a drink of fresh pear juice on a regular basis is certain to help promote the more healthy bowel movements.

7 – Energy

The rich concentration of glucose and fructose is certain to provide a natural energy source that will keep the energy levels up throughout the course of the day.

8 – Fever

Eat pears to benefit from a natural cooling feeling that is certain to help relieve the symptoms that are associated with a mild to moderate fever. A large glass of fresh pear juice is a practical choice to bring down a fever.

9 – Immune system

The plentiful supply of nutrients and antioxidants in Paris is perfect to give the immunity a boost. Drinking fresh pear juice, especially when experiencing a cold is certain to benefit the all-round well being.

10 – Inflammation

Drinking pear juice can have an anti-inflammatory influence that is effective at relieving pain for those experiencing issues with inflammatory issues.

11 – Osteoporosis

The high amount of boron found in pears is beneficial for its ability to hold more calcium, which is certain to help slow the development of osteoporosis.

12 – Pregnant

Eat pears to get a natural source of folate, which is needed to help prevent issues with tube defects in newborns.

13 – Sore throat

A regular drink of fresh pear juice can help to relax and cool the body throughout the warmer days and nights. The juice is effective in nourishing the throat to avoid a sore throat or similar problem.

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